Network Assessments and Security

Network Assessments

The 7 Layer Network Assessment is a complete, non-invasive evaluation of every aspect of your Network. The Full Network Assessment includes end user network and configuration data. This extensive report highlights the problem areas that are holding your network back from performing to its full potential.
Additionally, you will also get a Security Risk Report. The report identifies exactly who and what has access to your network, in addition to its weak points and vulnerabilities. Your risk score will give you an idea of where your security is at and we will work with you to design a plan to minimize your risk.
As with all our clients, you are in control of any information regarding your technology. Because it’s YOUR technology, the reports are yours to keep.

IT Security

We understand that running a business is not as simple as it appears. Many of our clients have to comply with evolving Compliance Regulations such as HIPAA, FINRA/SEC, SOX, PCI and DSS.
We perform enterprise level security assessments to meet the compliance requirements of your industry:

  • Design and implement firewall platform management and support as well as IDS and IPS
  • Develop security policies and procedures
  • Recommend and implement disaster recovery and planning
  • Build policy definitions; enable policy implementation and enforcement
  • Perform attack and penetration testing, including security scans on Unix and Microsoft server (applications and databases)
  • Provide wireless security evaluation
  • Patch and change management, log monitoring services